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Espoo, Finland. 11/2012.

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Of late, I’ve met a man from a war-torn country who now lives and works in the U.S.  He has described to me scenes of great brutality inflicted by man upon man for reasons like this person looked like someone from that country versus this country.  He often has a smile on his face.

I am noted for seeing even an empty glass as half-full, but this man’s ability to find the positive puts me to shame.  Why is he so happy?  Not because he has a job that pays exceptionally well. He doesn’t.  Not because he’s made many new friends in this country.  He hasn’t.  I think it is because, even as the soil ran red with blood around him, he remained open to the possibilities.  He saw the beauty amidst the horror, like the flowers blossoming near that same bloody field.

He remained hopeful.  Or, as he once…

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Absolute Curve

Edith Levy Photography

The Absolute World Towers are known as the Marilyn Monroe Towers because of their curves. They’re located in the Greater Toronto Area in the City of Mississauga. I posted a picture last year of the 2 towers (you can see them here).

I went back to photograph the towers on the weekend with the intension to do some detailed architectural shots. It was a cloudy day so I used my 10-stop ND filter to smooth out the clouds.

Click on the link to enlarge (it really does look better) or to Purchase a Print.

Toronto, architecture, Mississauga, Marilyn Monroe Towers, Absolute Towers, black and white, monochrome

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Goodbye Winter………as we take a Walk Through Kedleston Woods



The Cascades Bridge, Kedleston Hall

After the coldest night of this year (-6c) we woke to a glorious sunny day with lots of hints of Spring so we headed of to the Kedleston Estate and Woodlands for change to our usual woodland walk. The route we chose starts by Kedleston Lake……


…..and then continues up along Markeaton and Cutler Brook…..


After the broad open spaces the route takes off through woodland, across bridges and glades. Bright though the day is the woods still have that winter feel to them. True we have lots of buds but few have burst into leaf….so join us on our brief walk….

As we left to head homewards we came across this very old Blossom Tree, obviously important to be fenced off as it is…..


I am not sure what type it is, my senses…

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